Explore a mysterious, hostile planet to find out the meaning to your stay.
Extra lives sold seperately.

What is System Remnant?

System Remnant is a sci-fi, platformer shooter that is currently in development for PC.

Follow a story about an exploration droid that is trying to get home, surviving hazardous environments and defeating powerful enemies along the way. Discover altered locations, upgrade your droid with an extensive amount of modules, and most importantly, survive.

Altering Locations

Each playthrough consists of exploring 4 randomly chosen areas out of 8. Discover them all!

Many Modules

While you start off fresh, collect and upgrade with over 50 unique modules. These will buff stats and stack your abilities.

Limited Lives

Death comes with a price, literally. Every time you die you will need to pay a fee that if cannot be afforded causes perma-death.

Dynamic Weapon

Your starting weapon will always start out the same. Although you will find modifiers that can drastically change how your weapon works.

Varying Controls

Prefer a controller? No problem! Want to rebind your keys? Got you covered! System Remnant will be incredibly flexible when it to comes to gameplay choices.

Randomly Regulated

In a way, every playthrough will be unique. Start and exit locations will be randomly chosen, loot spawns will be random, and of course, the loot itself will always be a surprise!

The Developer

Currently, there is only one member creating System Remnant and that is me, Robert Jewell.

Robert Jewell

Programming by day, Netflix binging by night. I'm the creator, programmer, and artist for System Remnant. In short, I pretty much have done everything up to this point. I'm currently a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst studying Computer Science. Being my first game, I have been working on this project for about 4 years now in my spare time. A lot of that time has been learning and reworking as my skills progressed, but now I am finally ready to finish what I started.

Contact Email: robertjewell808@gmail.com


Name: System Remnant
Genre: 2D, Platformer, Shooter
Development State: Alpha
Planned Platforms: Windows
Release Date: TBD
Game Engine: GameMaker Studio 1.4
Website: http://system-remnant.com
Twitter: @RobertTheJewell
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SystemRemnant/